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how one bay area community is shining some very bright lights on a very shadowy past. from bust to boom, how one bay area community is shining some very bright lights on a very shadow shadowy past. >> i've got the detailed forecast coming right up. and a violent robbery at an east bay market captured on camera. it's the one lead police have to find the gunman. i'm ann notarangelo. at a time when many bay area cities are cancelling their fireworks show, one is hosting their first ever firework show tonight. this weekend's fourth of july celebration is a community of
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celebration. >> reporter: people gathered here at bell park for a historic first, fireworks in east pa low alto for the fourth of july and the 20th anniversary of the city. in the past, the only fireworks in the past were illegal, or worse, gun fire. but this is the first time they've gathered to see the fireworks in their own community. >> we certainly believe this is a good start to make sure that people understand that it's not safe to use illegal fireworks and to join this event so this we can actually save lives as well as make sure people are safe. >> palo alto is happy they were able to come up with $18,000 to put on the show. >> three years ago we've had 16 homicide in this community. two years ago we had eight. last year we had four. this year we've only had two. we hope that's where it stays.
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but we have a lot to celebrate. i think the turnaround is time. >> something worth celebrating on this fourth of july weekend in this proud community of east palo alto. >> and if you're still looking for a place to watch fireworks for the fourth, we have a complete list of shows all the way around the bay area on our website, well, the holiday weekend will have many in the bay area looking for ways to stay cool. the temperatures will be sizzling right along with the barbecue. let's check in with more on the heat wave ahead. it's going to be hot, dangerously so. here's the high pressure that's pushing into the forecast region. it's definitely going to affect our air quality due to the fact
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it's compressing and keeping the air mass stagnate. we have this smog alert. we do advice limited exercise and, of course, stay hydrated. i would like to thank -- for the management air quality today. he was definitely very helpful. he wanted me to make everyone know to stay hydrated and be cautious out there. this was a brazen crime caught on camera. three armed robbers captured by surveillance holding up the oak knoll market in oakland. now, the clerk is held at gunpoint while one of the men cleans out the register. the suspects got away in a dark blue jeep cherokee. police are looking for help in identifying the trio.
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san francisco police have released a composite sketch of a suspect in a 10-year-old murder. they say a woman last seen at a bar in 2001 turned up dead just a few hours later. the man she was last seen with was described as white, 6'0" fall, 200 pounds and had a tattoo of a skull and cross bones on his arm. it's likely that tomorrow the fate of casey anthony will be in the hand of the jury. closing arguments in the murder trial begin first thing in the morning. karen brown is in florida with a preview of what's to come. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense attorneys have one last chance to explain to the jury on why they didn't make good on their promises. in opening statements, they
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said caylee accidentally drowned, but any never offered firm proof to support that claim. they also told the jury the anthony behaved badly when her daughter went missing because he was schoolly abused by her father. >> i've said for a -- that that needed to throw a hail mary and every time they attempted that, they failed. >> they contend anthony suffocated their caught but offered only circumstantial evidence. no proof of exactly how caylee died. what they have going for them is anthony's erratic behavior. in the weeks caylee was missing, her lies, she party -- partied. it was suggested that casey anthony's mother lied on the stand to protect her.
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cindy anthony's boss testified she was at work when the chloroform took place which puts the spotlight back on her daughter. anthony never took the stand in her own defense, and shortly her faith will be in the hands of the jury. >> anthony could face the death penalty if convicted. students could face their seventh thank you wig hike in five years. the board of registrations is being asked to approve a 9.6% increase to make up for funding loss in the just passed state budget. the annual tuitions could rise each year. it's a good news and bad news story for some bay area homeowners. property values have risen 1.12% in the past fiscal year.
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that means local agencies will receive about $15 million in tax revenue. the county tax assessor says the growth was driven by inflation. properties requested and received tax breaks. a month after firefighters died in the line of duty, it's been ruled that the fire was accidental. vincent perez and valerio died a month ago today while batting a fire. more tests are being conducted to find the exact source. the official report is due out next month. another leaf blower ban is in the works. a citizen's -- silence the noise makers, especially the gasoline powered ones. they said they're too loud and
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aggravate respiratory diseases. sickness on the high seas has plagued a cruise aboard the san francisco sea princess. in the past few months, more than 350 cases of nor ro virus has been reported. princess cruises says the latest outbreak was spread by a passenger who brought it aboard. no sign of a sea plane that crashed last night. the bray was searched but they still have not found it. they plan to search tomorrow with a sonar vessel. it's submerged in 40 feet of water. they do not believe the plane is leaking oil or fuel. it appeared to gain speed and altitude when it took off. then it was in the water.
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they rescued the pilot and the passenger. a wave hit the sea plane during takeoff, but investigators are deciding is pilot error is to blame. a double lose of bad luck that some people in arizona are dealing with tonight. what stopped efforts to bring aid to gaza this time? the record breaking burger that came out the grill at the alameda county fair. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home...
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heat? that was the record summer heat in the southwest go hand in hand but 118-degree heat, that was the record set today in phoenix. to make matters worse, a monsoon knocked out power to about 4,000 homes. at the county jail, thousands of bags of ice were brought in to cool the inmates. the biggest wildfire in new mexico's his friday no longer poses an immediate threat to a nuclear facility. it's upstream from the los alamos facility.
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some people are angry over the firefighters' rush to protect the lab over some other areas. >> now that we see their focus was save los alamos. what about us? the last fire, we're still not recovered from the last fire. >> well, the last fire torched 90,000-acres in the forest in 2003. so far it's blackened more than 113,000-acres, and it's still spreading, but firefighters expect to lift the evacuation order soon for the 12,000 people who live in the town. greek authorities have arrested -- why this effort has run afoul of authority. a shipload of palestineen americans with a mission, carrying nothing but letters -- sailing in defiance of greek
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orders and israeli pressure. it was said the boat was not allowed to leave. the idea, go as far out as they could get and see what happens. not far before the coast guard with commandos intercepted the boat. the israelis blocked sga blocked gaza in 2007. they remain tight control of their check points. last year boats rammed the blockade. one stip killed nine. this time politics was enough to have greece ban any boats leaving. israel and greece do half a billion dollars in trade and israel is planning a natural gas pipe like to greece. they knew getting to gaza was a long shot, but still practiced
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to resist soldiers who boarded their ship. they're determined to try again, and israel is just as determined that their boat and their cause are going nowhere. barry petersen, cbs news, athens. the alameda county fair celebrated grilling season by grilling the world's biggest burger. organizers started the prep work at 5:30 this morning, blending the spices, getting fire going. the goal was to break the record of 590 pounds. now, they expected it to take about 10 hours to cook, but when you're working with a burger this big, it's a science. >> we can say we've cooked meat before and burgers, but have you ever cooked a 600-pound burger? no. theburg weighed in at 770 pounds and bites were sold for
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99 cents with the proceeds going to the alameda food bank. americans will eat 155 million hot dog. that's one dog for every two people or so. other fourth of july facts from the u.s. census. the u.s. spent almost $200 million last year to import fireworks, mostly from china. most patriotic memorabilia, including flags, are are made in china. john adams, thomas jefferson and james monroe all died on july 4 july 4th. all right. the fourth of july, you will probably want to find some place cool. pool, sprinkler, water balloons. >> water is definitely the big word there. it's going to be really warm, really, really warm. we do have the high pressure ridge that's holding steady and
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will suppress that air quality. so we will deal with that as well. as we take a look at what to expect outside, we see mostly clear skies. we will see some patchy fog due to an on shore flow, but not much tomorrow morning. we can see the high ridge building over the forecast region. temperatures, we're warm, but they're going to get warmer. napa, 93. santa rosa, 88 was your high. for today we saw clear skies all around. air quality alert, it's going to be hot, all due to this ridge that's going to make it over the forecast region. things will calm down by monday. we have dangerous temperatures tomorrow. up to 106 degrees. sunrise, 5:53 a.m. we have a smog alert. we do advice limited exercise as well as staying hydrated of
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course. let's see what we can expect as far as the air quality. unhealthy. good for the south central coast bay as well. conditions all around, just very uncomfortable. of course that air quality will be a big factor. let's take a look at what we can expect. for tomorrow, 97. 94 for redwood city. triple digits for san jose. temperatures certainly climbing quite a bit. we've got 80s around the bay. santa rosa, 94. 70s for the coast. as we take a look at the extended forecast, we're going to see a gradual decline through the next week. then we'll see cooler temperatures, not much cooler, but a range between the 60s to 90s. we're going to feel warm conditions all around.
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you want to take precaution there. >> yaw. everybody out for barbecues. you have to be careful. a 300-year-old tree is going to be saved in san mateo. neighbors have to accept -- it's nicknamed granny. now the commission says if a neighborhood organization or nonprofit takes responsibility for the tree and the land around it, it would consider tunneling under the tree to install the line even though that's more expensive than removing the tree. sometimes we keep your fingers crossed. will the giants make it to typed of the game? >> you're assuming in the ninth inning they were going to demeanor back to win. gnaw wasn't the case tonight. last night, brian wilson pounded the water cooler. tonight the giants pounded the tigers' pitching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fidelity investments. turn here. record ended up lasting just four days... the giants scored a season high against the cubs on tuesday. that record ended up lasting just four days. tonight's game wasn't exactly a page turner. that's a good thing for giants fans. pablo sandoval getting the scoring started in the first with the a two-run homer. seventh of the season for the panda. later, crawford belt as 3-run shot. the rookie shortstop had his first career three-hit game. mother nature was the only thing that could slow down the giants. they had to sit through a 2.5 hour rain delay. when they returned, the bats
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picked up where they left off. miguel tejada hits a grand slam to give the giants a 10-0 lead in the third inning. every starter had a hit tonight. barry zito stayed in the game despite the lengthy delay. of course it's easier when you have a 15-run lead. the giants pound the tigers 15- 3. zito has won both starts since coming off the disabled list. he's allowed two -- runs. also worth noting. the giants have scored 21 runs in his two starts. brian wilson wasn't the only one to blow up this weekend. john ralsh had to be held back while arguing. john fell ripped his jersey off in the process. ralph gets ejected, and it took three coaches to get their closer back to the dugout.
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joe saunders turns into sanity koa fax when he faces the as. he's now one 12 of 18 starts in his career against the green and cold. he had not lost since 2008. must be the yellow socks. seventh inning. as down 4-no. upton bloops one to shallow left. but it's made by a diving catch. the a's finally get on the board. it's 4-2. weeks had another two- hit night. hernandez pitches a -- to end it. the d-backs beat the as, 4-2. my rathe united states get a two-goal lead and then treats
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the crowd to her best springsteen impression. oh, bruce would be proud. usa wins 3-0 and advances to the quarterfinals. 41,000 filled stanford stadium, the largest loud every for an earthquakes' game. stevensteven heart scores to get the lead and the quakes have to settle for a 2-2 tie. boys in nascar back in opportunity for the coke 400. there would be no trip back to trevor bain. he gets spun out and crashes into the wall. bain went in five laps to the race. joey logan loganno and the no. 5 car -- david regin committed
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a penalty that cost him the win, but tonight thanks to a little help, regin takes the checkered flag for his first. still to come, a northern california native sets a report at the at&t national. we'll head across the pond for more on the women's final. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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2008 and she dominated in her six maria sharapova was back in a major final for the first time since 2008. and she dominated in her six matches to get there, winning all 12 sets. with the nba lockout -- has plenty of time to cheer on his fiance. all the shrieking and yelling didn't bother -- she was playing in her first ever grand slam final. she won the match with 105 miles an hour ace. the 21-year-old becomes the first lefty to win wimbeldon in 21 years. third round at the at&t national. nick -- provided the fireworks from the back nine with six birdies and an eagle. eight under 62 and moves into a tie with the lead. ricky fowler shot a 64.
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choyk.j. choi is one step back. 119-mile stage with a time of 4 4:41. tomorrow is a time trial for those guys over there in europe. >> a lot going on. >> all right. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points.
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frenchman, taig khris broke the world record for lon ller skates,*.
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well, take a look at the evil cha neil of roller skating. he rolled down a ramp. soared 95 feet landing on a giant airbag. he beat the former record held by an american. last year he executed the highest jump off the first floor of the eiffel tower. no record heat this weekend, but it's going to be really hot. >> stay hydrated. >> enjoy the weekend, but take it easy. thanks for watching. we'll be back here tomorrow night at 5:30. have a great evening. huggins 6:30- disc ,,,,
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